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No-wave, post-punk, post-music? What do you call the marriage of Black Sabbath and Flipper, anyway? Faultfinder certainly didn’t care for labels and neither should you. Loud, grinding and from the gut, their music is a confrontational expression of frustration, anger and bemusement at a world that is simultaneously infuriating and absurd. It’s not music for everyone, but then again, not everyone recognizes that life is more like a decorative plate in a landfill than it is a box of chocolates.*

Formed from the remnants of Corbeta Corbata, Dick Cheney’s Dick, The Adversary Workers, Eyesight Television, Brain Idea, and U.S.Americans, Faultfinder baffled critics and polarized audiences in and around Kansas City from 2010 to 2018. They did one tour, played dozens of local shows, and self-released two tapes – their self-titled debut in 2014 and In the Sweaty Grip of the Moron in 2017.

Their final work, Brother’s Milk, was long thought to have been lost in the Universal Music Group fire. Thanks to a tip from a Moldovian hacker, the band was able to track down the masters on a MySpace backup drive and lovingly restored them to their full analog uncertainty. Featuring the band's final line-up - Mookie Ninjak (bass, vocals, keyboards), Ben Biersmith (drums, vocals), Don Beasley (guitar) and Joe Wetteroth (guitar) - Brother’s Milk was released in 2019 on the Kansas City record label cooperative, Black Site.

* see Fruitless Hump

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Brother’s Milk


The long lost final album from Faultfinder is the marriage of Black Sabbath and Flipper that you never wanted, certainly didn't ask for, but most likely deserve. You're welcome.


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In The Sweaty Grip Of The Moron