Hummin’ Bird

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Coming to you from a small storage space in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hummin’ Bird gives you the Southern twang punk rock you didn’t even know you were missing in your life. This isn’t the store bought brand of basement rock that never satisfies, this band is as authentic as they come. Fueled by cheap beer and whatever truck stop food they can get their hands on, Hummin’ Bird’s heartfelt melodic grit has it where it counts!

In late 2018, after jammin’ for a short while and reaching out to find a front man, they got to work booking their first tour using demos recorded on a phone. Substituting the phone for an open commissary kitchen/recording studio, Hummin’ Bird called in favors to put together this, its first release, Gutter Glitter.

Gutter Glitter pulls influence from Bruce Springsteen, Alkaline Trio, and The Replacements, but definitely on Hummin’ Bird’s terms. With members of Arkansas/Oklahoma veteran outfits Half Raptor, True Gritt, Vagittarius, and more, Hummin’ Bird adds their own southern taste to power pop rock ’n’ roll.

Breaded and crucified with welts from the Bible Belt, Hummin’ Bird is a band formed from the need to get the hell away from the streets you love. They know that a slow life sippin’ sweet tea can be easily had, but they’d rather slam Busch heavies in some rank basement on the road. Hummin’ Bird is type of band to tell you that down here, ‘bless your heart’ doesn’t really mean what you think.

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Gutter Glitter

Hummin’ Bird

Inaugural Black Site release of Tulsa Oklahoma DIY advocates Hummin’ Bird. Not enough soap in world to wash the basement dust and stale beer off these shoes. This is release number three in the Barker Gee Scholarship series.