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Beginning as a three piece at the end of 2016, Madman set out to create new sounds based in the post-punk, stoner and psychedelic genres. The trio, consisting of members from local favorites Faultfinder, U.S. Americans and Der Todesking, released the Evil Fire EP on Black Site in 2018 and played the Kansas City and Lawrence area until late 2019.

After a line-up change, the group continued as a four piece, incorporating collaborator Ben Summers from The Grisly Hand on guitars, Stephen Snow of Inner Altar on bass, and Chas Snyder of The New Riddim and The Hudson Falcons on drums. Hindered but not halted by the pandemic, the band played live sporadically and began recording in 2022. Their newest release, The Tycoon, was recorded and mastered by local legend Mike Tuley of Short Bus Kids, Olsen Terror and Ad Astra Per Aspera at Purple Sky Studios. The Tycoon was released in the Fall of 2023.

Releases Available from BLACK SITE


Evil Fire


The debut EP from KC's newest metal trio contains five slabs of lead-laden stoner rock, hand-chiseled by ex members of Faultfinder, U.S. Americans, and Der Todesking.


Other Available Releases

Krokodil Tears


The Tycoon