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Pizzasaurus Rex

We’re pleased to present this co-release between Black Site, Long Island’s Dead Broke Rekerd’s, and the Barker Gee Memorial Scholarship.

What started as a side project in 2003 between life-long friends Barker Gee and Nathan Comer, Pizzasaurus Rex quickly became each band member’s impetus to pull themselves out of the musical vacuum that was Southeast Missouri. Originally released by the band in 2006, this critically acclaimed slab of rock n roll represents both Pizzasaurus Rex’s complete catalog and the first release of the Barker Gee Memorial Scholarship. Also featured is the artwork of Everett Gee, Barker’s brother and sought after punk rock illustrator. All proceeds from the sale of this cassette will be used to assist other DIY minded bands in the pursuit of their craft.

Track List:
Banana Phone
Into The Sunset
Harp Song
Puerto Rico
Kick Out The Bags
Ain't No Coupons For Freedom